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Host the Fantastic FRED Experience at your school – a memorable live performance to teach children how to look after their own mental health.

The Fantastic FRED Experience

About the experience

Over the next two years, The Fantastic FRED Experience will tour primary schools across Kent.

Children will take part in a live, interactive and engaging performance delivered inside an immersive mobile classroom.

There are 6 performances available throughout the day, with 2 age-specific versions for Key Stage 1 and 2, each lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Managed by a professional event team, the Experience can remain on site for a whole day and following the recent pandemic, we have made some changes to ensure we are adhering to all government guidelines. From bringing our own hand sanitiser to script and performance adjustments, the Experience safely delivers its memorable mental health messages to your pupils.

Why Fantastic FRED?

F.R.E.D is an acronym for the four practical ways in which children can help to look after their own good mental heath:

Food – eating the right foods

Rest – getting enough sleep

Exercise – being active

Digital Devices – managing time online

Fantastic FRED and his professor will teach children how to look after their own mental health in a positive and memorable way.

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Fantastic FRED
Teaching Resources

Free resources are available to help support and reinforce the key messages from the live performance. Register to access video and downloadable classroom activities for Reception and Years 1 to 6 (Key Stages 1 and 2).

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