Heads up for parents.

Households with young people can often experience extra stresses and dramas. The beginning of adolescence can be a rollercoaster ride that puts new strains on even the most ‘together’ of families.

Things that seem trivial to adults can detonate emotional grenades from oversensitive and self-conscious teens, who might not have developed adequate coping tools to deal with everyday challenges. Not having the ‘right thing’ to wear, a harsh word from a friend or discovering you have been left out of a group chat can feel catastrophic!

Meanwhile, parents are concerned when their teenager spends hours in their room and becomes less communicative with the family.
“If you feel you need more support in coping with your own mental wellbeing please call the Kent Live Well service for adults.

If you’re seeking help for yourself, please call on 0800 567 7699 or email info@livewellkent.org.uk and we’ll talk you through how we can help you and give the support and advice you need.

If you’d like to refer a client or friend to the service, please call on 0800 567 7699, email info@livewellkent.org.uk or visit the website